Two Tips for Picking Christmas Crackers Fillers for Your Eco-Friendly Christmas Party

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If you are going to order custom-made Christmas crackers for an eco-friendly Christmas shindig and you need to decide what to fill them with, these suggestions might provide you with some inspiration.

Choose locally-sourced edible fillers

Locally-sourced food is the best filler to get for Christmas crackers that are going to be handed out at any eco-friendly festive event. If you pick a food supplier who sells festive treats that are made from ingredients grown and prepared in your locale, these treats won't have a big carbon footprint. Furthermore, if you want to be supportive of the organic, eco-friendly farmers in your area, then buying Christmas foods made from the milk, fruits or vegetables that they produce is a great way to do this.

Additionally, if you opt for food as the filler for your Christmas crackers, instead of say, the tiny knick-knacks that are put in Christmas crackers that are sold at supermarkets, you won't have to worry that the contents will end up in the landfill. This is because your guests will almost certainly gobble up their bite-sized treats during the party, whereas they would probably either leave behind a cheap trinket or throw it out when they got home.

Get the food supplier to use food-safe, recyclable packaging when making the Christmas crackers

You should ensure that the packaging the food supplier uses to make the crackers that will contain your local festive treats is food-safe and recyclable. If the packaging is food-safe, you'll be able to put the snacks inside the Christmas crackers in their loose form, without having to wrap them in additional packaging. This will reduce the amount of plastic, paper or foil packaging that has to be recycled when the guests have eaten the food inside these crackers. Additionally, if the essential packaging that the Christmas crackers are made from is recyclable, you won't have to put any of it in the landfill (where it would contribute to planetary pollution).

If you decide to do this, you will need to ensure that none of the foods you pick feature liquids (such as liqueur-filled chocolates), because if they break open inside the crackers, the liquid will ooze out. You should also let your guests know that you've made this packaging decision before they open their crackers so that they are not taken by surprise by, for example, loose popcorn or chocolates spilling out of the centre of their cracker.

For more infomriaotn, contact a custom Christmas crackers supplier.

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