Food Presentation Tricks Using Dry Ice

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When it comes to making a name for yourself in the catering industry, exposing your guests to exciting surprises will get you far. Catering chefs must hone their skills in presenting everyday food in creative ways. This is where dry ice proves handy since it allows chefs to experiment with different food presentation ideas. However, it can be rather challenging to work with dry ice if you have never used it before. Luckily, this article highlights tips for presenting food with dry ice.

Use Small Pellets -- Dry ice is available in large and small pellets, and your choice depends on your needs. Whichever form of dry ice you buy, you should never use large pellets in food presentations. The reason is that large pellets produce a lot of cold vapour, which lingers longer, exposing guests to the cold. Additionally, the chances are high that guests will touch the pellets with their fingers. You can avoid such scenarios by only using small pellets on your plates. The cold vapour from small dry ice pellets lasts a short time, preventing prolonged exposure. Besides, since small dry ice pellets vanish fast, the chances are low that guests will touch them with bare hands.

Use Warm Water -- If you want to awe guests with your food presentation skills, it is not enough to use dry ice only. You should focus on creating a fog vapour thick enough to cover the food you are serving. This way, the food under the thick fog vapour will be revealed gradually and in real time. The best way to create thick dry ice fog vapour is to drop pellets in warm water. The temperature difference accelerates the melting process, prompting the formation of thick, white fog.

Infuse Flavour Drops -- Guests will still like your presentation even if the dry ice vapour you use smells like ice. However, if you want to take your presentation a notch higher, you should introduce flavour drops on dry ice pellets. As the ice melts, the flavour drops infuse with vapour, exposing your guests to a pleasing scent. However, you should be careful with your choice of flavour drops because the wrong selection will influence your guests' appetite. A safe bet is to choose a common flavour, such as a citrusy aroma. Additionally, be very sparing with the flavour so that the dry ice fog vapour does not overwhelm your guests' nostrils before they eat.   

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